How to Remain Profitable Through the Halving of Zcash

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community The upcoming Zcash halving could help ZEC to reduce its annual inflation rate and make the coin more profitable for miners. Reward halvings are a common element of many different forms of cryptocurrency, known to typically impact a coin’s supply, difficulty and price. For many cryptocurrencies, these halving mechanisms are […]

Out With the Old: Blockchain to Bring Transparency to Recycling Sector

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Recycling companies can leverage blockchain for supply chain transparency. Although recycling may seem like a relatively simple concept, the plastics recycling supply chain proves otherwise. From understanding which plastics get recycled to determining the quality of those plastics, these issues and more are resulting in lower recycling participation rates.  Statistics […]

Grin Price Up Over 11% as Former Developer Tests ASIC Miner

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Former core Grin developer Gary Yu mined $118 worth of GRIN cryptocurrency in less than 24 hours with a Grin ASIC mining device. Grin (GRIN), a major privacy-focused cryptocurrency, is apparently no longer resistant to mining with Application-Specific Integrated Circuits — or ASICs — according to a former core developer. […]

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